Poet2.2 Manual Prototype Object Extension for Tcl

Poet API

The rest of this manual documents the application programmer's interface (API) to the objects available in the Poet library. These pages are automatically generated from the comments in the source code, by the same script that generates the autoloading index (::Poet::auto_mkindex). The documentation for each tier begins with a handwritten overview, please read these (especially the overview for Tier 2). Reading the source code is also a good idea if you're overriding a method defined in the library (you may need to call the overridden method).  

At the top level of the Poet lib directory is Poet.tcl, which defines the ::Poet namespace and defines some procedures used throughout, then loads the rest of Poet. Each of the tiers is in a separate subdirectory. Some of the objects in each tier are loaded when the tier is loaded, the rest are autoloaded when they are referenced.